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How do we work

Tłumaczenia ustne

Are you interested in oral interpreting? Order it by specifying the subject, the language combination, technical requirements, duration and deadline for completion. We will use these data to set the price. When you accept it, we shall do our best to satisfy even the most sophisticated of your demands.

The deadline for handover of your translation is determined individually, depending on the requirements of our customer, but always before the order is accepted.
Each customer can choose the following mode of completion:

  • ordinary: the file must be delivered by 04:00 p.m. on a particular day, the translation starts on the next day and the standard speed of translation is 0.5 to 6 pages per day, for an ordinary price per page;
  • express: ordinary price plus 30%, speed ranging from 6.5 page to 9 pages daily;
  • super express: ordinary price plus 75%, speed above 9 pages daily.
  • Step 1 pricing

Send us the contents to be translated, let us know the language combinations, and the deadline for hand-over of the finished translation.

  • Step 2 acceptance

When we receive your order, as soon as possible we will give you the pricing based on your instructions, to let you estimate the costs and help in decision-making. The translation begins when you accept our pricing and terms of the service.

  • Step 3 execution

On a pre-determined date and time the order is completed and the finished translation is delivered in the predefined form (in a computer file, on selected media, or printed on paper). Any sworn translations are always delivered by mail or in person.