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What we offer

What we offer

The scope of service offered by T&T Academy:

T&T Academy Translation Agency offers a comprehensive range of services for individuals and companies seeking professional translations of texts from/to Polish language into/from more than 50 foreign languages. Our ordinary and sworn written translations are available for prices from PLN 39 per standard page of finished text.

Our range of high qualified translators gives us a leading position as a provider of oral interpretations. We provide such services on a range of events, from small business meetings to management and hosting of multi-language conferences, training and other events. Each client seeking consultations in oral interpretation and translation of written texts will enjoy our professional approach to each assignment and our pricing, which depends on the degree of difficulty and volumes of translated text.

Written translation

We offer written, ordinary translations for attractive prices, ranging from PLN 39 for 1600 characters with spaces, with short waiting time. The documents and contents which we translate include in particular press and scientific articles, letters, advertising, web site content, films and recordings. However, we are happy to accept any non-standard translations, as well.

Sworn translation

Sworn translations are made by our experienced and certified sworn translators. Each translated document is provided with a name stamp of the translator and a required declaration that the translation matches the original content. Orders for sworn translations are priced per 1125 characters with spaces. Examples of our translations include in particular: contracts, court documents and notary’s deeds.

Our specialty

We specialise in expert translations concerning adjustment of property losses, which we provide to various insurance providers and loss adjusters. These projects are completed in co-operation with translators who are professional doctors, engineers, technicians, etc..