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Translation of medical documents

Providers of medical and pharmaceutical products and services always insist on quality, and precision of translated texts. They also demand correct terminology used by specialists. T&T ACADEMY Translations Office guarantees the top quality of translated scientific publications. Our procedure for translating medical texts comprises a few stages: translation, verification of language and specialist terminology „sentence by sentence”, by a second translator and additional proofreading  of the translated text by a native speaker.

We have successfully translated documents for medical and pharmaceutical companies and we propose solutions tailored to their needs:

  • all translated texts verified before hand-over; verification included in price,
  • procedures to ensure confidential information,
  • texts translated by doctors, scientists experienced in translation and translators educated in medicine.

Our offer for medical and pharmaceutical companies includes:

  • clinical study contracts,
  • clinical study documentation and protocols,
  • informed consent forms,
  • information on drugs and information for patients,
  • medical instrument operation manuals,
  • drug production technology specifications,
  • specialist medical articles and publications,
  • legal acts regulating the market of medical products and services
  • leaflets and brochures for patients,
  • press communication,
  • decisions and regulations of the Ministry of Health,
  • advertising and marketing communication associated with the market of medicinal products and services.

We also accept translation of medical documents for providers of cosmetics, active in various countries and seeking translations into many European and Asian languages, with their marketing contents customised to meet the requirements of target customers of the particular country.

We offer solutions tailored to the requirements of cosmetics manufacturers and service providers:

  • translations including verification of style or content, into any European or Asian language,
  • verification of texts by a native speaker, recommended in case of texts for publication,
  • translations written by experienced translators, specialised in cosmetics.

Translations offered by T&T ACADEMY for cosmetics industry include in particular:

  • product descriptions and information about cosmetics,
  • texts for cosmetic product packages and leaflets,
  • descriptions of cosmetic operations,
  • operation manuals,
  • fair catalogues,
  • advertising leaflets and brochures,
  • scientific articles

Our offer of medical translations