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We translate texts and documents into tens of world most popular languages. Just ask us for the price of your translation.
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Our top-quality services attracted a large number of satisfied customers. You can be one of them. Come and see how you can benefit from ordering your translation jobs to T&T Academy.
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Our translation and interpreting agency employs a large group of translation professionals specialised in various types of oral and written translations. This allows us to negotiate attractive prices per page of translated texts.
We do our best to deliver your translation as soon as possible. Our long records of co-operating translators eliminate long-time waiting for your large-volume translations.

Why T&T Academy?

T&T Academy is a translation and training agency, specialised provider of professional translation and interpretation services, which accepts standard contents, technical documentations, medical, insurance, finance, specialist and many other specific disciplines. We employ best translators of English, German, French, Italian, Czech, Russian and many other languages, and language combinations. This gives you a guarantee to receive high quality translation and interpreting services, which meet all standards. For any of your orders we guarantee to find a translator, expert of the discipline specific for the document you wish translated.

The price of your translation

Each translation is priced individually. Prices of translations for companies include discounts in case of long-term co-operation. To know the price for translation of your document, please see the “Pricing” tab of the “Our office” menu.

Need a translator?

Do you need a translator of German or English? Do you need specialist translations in medicine, legal or other disciplines? Please let us know the scope of translation you need:

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Our customers

We offer:

Written translation, oral interpreting, simultaneous, consecutive, sworn and ordinary translation.

We employ translators of the following languages:

English, Arabic, Basque, Belorussian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech,  Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Irish, Icelandic, Japanese, Yiddish, Catalan, Korean, Lithuanian, Latin, Latvian, Macedonian,  Moldavian, Dutch, Flemish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Italian.

Our translation agency offers special experience and expertise in the following fields of translation:

Insurance, Marketing, Publications, Finance, Written sworn translation, Technical documents, Banking, Software documentation